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Become a Friend

If you love music, join friends of the La Porte County Symphony Orchestra

Our Mission

Friends is a volunteer organization that supports the ongoing vitality and positive impact of the LCSO through volunteer engagement, public awareness, and financial support.

Friends is all about enjoying, energizing and encouraging

Many of us love music but, for whatever reason, we may not be music performers. Joining and supporting Friends of the LCSO is a wonderful way to express that love and help make it available for others.

Joining Up!

Membership is open to anyone who loves music and is willing to volunteer or otherwise support the LCSO. If that sounds like you, use the form below to join us or please call the LCSO office at (219-362-9020) for more information.

Dues are $15.00 a year or $25 for a couple, payable in September. If you join after February 1, your dues are pro-rated at $7.50 per person or $10 per couple. Checks should be payable to LCSO.

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2023-2024 Friends Events

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