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Special Benefits of Community Music – And How to Support LCSO

Chances are, you listen to and enjoy music every single day. Music is everywhere in your daily life, from the scores on your favorite movies and TV shows to the songs you blare on your commute or in the gym. Music gives our time and experiences a voice, making it crucial to extend the reach of music education and programming. That’s why the La Porte County Symphony Orchestra proudly uplifts music and musicians in our community. 

If you care about music or have ever enjoyed an LCSO event, please consider supporting us! When you support your local orchestra, you also help your community in countless ways, including the following. 

  • Helping youth: Researchers have shown that when children, teens and young adults have access to safe and enriching activities, including music education programs, they benefit in countless ways. Music programs like our New Generations Initiative and Student Apprenticeships help students learn, grow and become well-rounded adults.  
  • Increasing relaxation: When you listen to beautiful music, your body and mind naturally relax! When more people in our communities relax intentionally, they can interact better with others, create new ideas and initiatives and more.  
  • Stimulating the economy: Local musical events bring people to the city from all across the region, state and even country. When people attend LCSO events, they also stop for dinner at local restaurants, book rooms at our local hotels and visit shops on Lincolnway!  
  • Bringing the community together: One of the most remarkable ways to meet new people, connect with old friends and celebrate your loved ones is by checking out your local music scene! The LCSO hosts countless events yearly that provide safe and welcoming spaces for our community to gather. 

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of musical events for our community, let’s explore ways you can help support the La Porte County Symphony Orchestra! 

How to Support Your Local Orchestra: 7 Ways to Help 

Attend local events 

One of the best ways to support LCSO is by attending our events! We celebrate the season with Holiday at the Pops, bring the Beatles to the Civic with Beatlemania and more. Attending these events shows your support while helping us raise funds for music education programs and more!  

Make charitable donations 

You can make a one-time donation! Donate on behalf of yourself, your family or your organization to show your support for LCSO’s mission. Funds donated help us pay for musicians, venues and youth programs. 

Make a gift  

When you make a gift and sponsor the LCSO, you or your organization are recognized in our season program book. Show the community how much you care with a charitable gift!  

Planned Giving 

Planned giving allows you to leave money and assets to the symphony upon your passing. If music has moved you and you’ve enjoyed and celebrated the symphony before, please consider naming LCSO in your will

Volunteer as a Friend  

Become a friend of LCSO! As a friend of the symphony, you’ll have opportunities to volunteer at our events, donate your time and pay dues that help us keep sharing music with the community.  

Follow us (and our musicians) on social media 

Stay up to date on our events, celebrations and more! Follow LCSO on Facebook, and check out our musicians’ professional pages. That way, you’ll be the first to know about special events, upcoming concerts and more.  

Connect youth to music 

Help the young people in your life discover their love for music. Encourage your kids and teens to participate in our music education initiatives! You can also get involved by volunteering at our biggest event, the Drayton Family Education Concert. This concert brings music to over 5,000 students from Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan together to enjoy music alongside educational lessons.  

Get Tickets to Our Next Amazing Event Today 

There are so many ways to support LCSO. Keep the music playing in our community by supporting LCSO in whatever ways work best for you! Contact us today with any questions or to learn more about how you can help.