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Maddy Haskell

Maddy Haskell is a local singer in Lake County, Indiana. She found her passion in performing
after being selected as a 2013 finalist in the youth division for Hoosier Star for her very first
competition. Since then, Maddy has competed on ABC’s Windy City Live for Chicago Idol,
sang for charity banquets, performed with local bands and much more. However, last year, she
and other singers were unexpectedly let go from those bands. Maddy struggled with her mental
health after this and stopped singing for a year.
After support from her family and friends, Maddy decided she was ready to perform again. That
night she applied to audition for Hoosier Star again. Recently, she has been chosen to be the lead singer for a local band “Rockology Chicago.” She is extremely thankful
to have been selected for this year’s show and hopes it will help others to start their passion
again, even if they have been discouraged!