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Jackie Hart

My passion and love for music began at a young age of 5. My parents Richard and Diana bought me a Grinnell Brother’s piano. I was so excited, I started taking piano lessons immediately.

My parents encouraged me musically, they’d often ask me to play for them. They enjoyed when I played offering much praise and encouragement.

I played piano for my Father’s church in Denham Indiana. I played at weddings my Father performed, and in Nursing homes. Our entire family would participate. I played piano, mom played guitar, my Father, sister’s, and brother would sing. I remember the joy it would bring to the nursing home folks as we performed. They tapped their feet, nodded their heads, some would hum, some danced in their seats. Our family enjoyed ministering together through the music ministry.

Today I do not play as often as I’d like. My love for music whether playing or listening to talented individuals remains constant.

I’m excited for this years contestants! Once again we have an amazing line up of talent. I’m so proud to be a part of such an important organization that promotes and recognizes Great and Amazing talent!