Cherri Blair-Drayton

Cherri Blair-Drayton, Chairperson for Hoosier STAR 2021 resides in La Porte, Indiana and is married to V. Michael Drayton Former Board President for the LCSO. Cherri has a daughter Brittany, two grandchildren Kosta and Riley and a son Collin. “This is my fifth year chairing this event. There are wonderful people and extraordinary talent that I am honored to be working with.” Cherri volunteers at Kingsbury Elementary and conducts story times every month to help instill a love of literacy with the students. Cherri and her mother Diana Blair co-authored a children’s book, Christmas Pickle and are STILL pursuing venues for publication! Cherri is also the recipient of the Shakespeare of Excellence Award for Poetry Writing. She worked 12 years for La Porte County Public Library as an Events Specialist planning and marketing events for all ages for the library system as well as planning and sharing events with many organizations throughout the La Porte County. Cherri proudly brought music to the library partnering with the LCSO to bring a summer concert series Brass on the Grass featuring the LCSO’s very own Chuck Steck to perform on the library lawn and also partnered with LCSO’s past Executive Director Tonya McGue and Cynthia Ward to implement another concert performed on the library lawn as well featuring a past Hoosier STAR finalist! Cherri introduced the La Porte County Public Library to its first Traveling Art Exhibition partnering with Lubeznik Art Center and Land of Lakes Art Alliance. Paving the way for the arts mingling with books. She brings this experience to Hoosier STAR 2021! She would like to thank her Family, Hoosier STAR Committee members, and ALL the volunteers that have worked hard to bring this amazing event together!