Robert Brooks

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Robert Brooks has a varied background in music and education. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from Valparaiso University and plays violin for the LCSO, as well as several other musical organizations. 

After hearing live string players at his high school choir and band concert, he became inspired by the music and began violin lessons under the instruction of Jenny Gaudio Wilkerson. Since then, Robert has performed with the South Shore Orchestra, the RSMT pit orchestra, the Illinois Valley Symphony, as a soloist at his church, and has played in trios and quartets. 

In addition to performing and teaching music, Robert is also a French and Spanish teacher. He has taught grades K-12 and at the collegiate level. He is also a member of the American Association of Teachers of French and the Michigan City Messiah Orchestra. 

In his free time, Robert enjoys research, such as family genealogy, reading, watching films, painting, and traveling the world and has visited twelve countries. He also loves composing and arranging music. 

Robert has been playing violin for the LCSO for twenty-four years and what he enjoys most about being a part of this organization is sharing his talents and love for music with the rest of the community.