Dr. Rob Riley

Dr. Rob Riley has been a trombone player in the LCSO for about fourteen years and has had an active life as both a musician and doctor. His musical background began in sixth grade and from that point on, he continued to learn music and play through college. 

Rob has enjoyed a career as a family physician and is the former director of the Family Residency Program at Memorial Hospital in South Bend. He has also had a weekly “Ask the Doctor” segment on a local television news broadcast. Rob originally gave up his musical commitments once he started medical school, but has picked up playing again after a twenty year gap. Since then, he has not only been a regular player for the LCSO, but has also played in local rock bands and has filled-in with numerous groups of varying musical genres. When Rob is not working or performing music, he enjoys hiking with his friends and wife. 

One of the things Rob appreciates about being a part of the LCSO is getting the opportunity to make great music with excellent musicians, even though he has made a career out of something other than music.