Richard Watson

Richard Watson has a diverse background in music and had been an avid motorcycle enthusiast for many years. Richard’s musical career began in fifth grade band at Deshler, Ohio elementary school, where he played trombone. In seventh grade he took up the euphonium, then he finally took up tuba in eighth grade. After graduating high school, Richard received his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and his graduate degree from Northwestern. 

Playing the tuba has afforded Richard many opportunities in his life, such as playing extra tuba with the Philadelphia Orchestra while attending the University of Michigan, and jazz with Herbie Mann while also being a member of the Honolulu Symphony. Richard currently own three tubas: a Schilke C made in Chicago (one of only two in the world), and two antiques, including a 1925 Buescher Eb (made in Elkhart) and a 1908 York F (made in Grand Rapids). In addition to these performances, Richard was also a featured soloist for the LaPorte City Band and has performed with the All-American College Marching band at Disneyland. Richard has been a part of the Honolulu Symphony for 12 years, as well as being a member of the Houston Symphony and the Utah Symphony. Currently, Richard serves as Adjunct Professor of tuba/euphonium at Valparaiso University and has been an adjunct professor there for twenty-six years. He has also played in the Together Band, the NW Indiana Jazz Directors Big Band, and has had past performances with Orquesta Iluziones and other salsa bands. 

Richard’s other passion in life is motorcycling. He has been riding for thirty-eight years, and has even toured Ireland, Scotland, England, and Continental Europe on his own motorcycle. Richard also works as a Motorcycle Safety Instructor for ABATE of Indiana and just recently  finished his twenty-eighth year of teaching motorcycle classes. He has won three awards: Indiana Instructor of the Year (twice), and the Rodney V. Taylor Award for excellence in promoting motorcycle safety. 

In addition to playing the tuba, Richard also plays all trombones (alto to contrabass), cimbasso, euphonium, baritoneRichard has been playing tuba in the LCSO for twenty-seven years and has enjoyed making big music in a small town.