Morgan Sleeper

Morgan Sleeper plays cello and serves as a personal manager for the LCSO. She has a successful career in the music industry and is enjoying her work in various music occupations. 

Morgan received her Bachelor of Science in Music Business with a concentration in Business Administration, her Bachelor of Science in Music Business with a concentration in Merchandising, as well as minors in Marketing and Business Administration from Indiana State University. In addition to being a personal manager for the LCSO, Morgan serves as a school sales rep for Quinlan & Fabish Music Company. As a personal manager, some of her major responsibilities include hiring musicians for concerts and assisting musicians with whatever they need. At Quinlan & Fabish Music Company, Morgan makes calls to band and orchestra directors to make sure the needs of the program are met and she also services all the rentals for these schools. 

Music has always been a part of Morgan’s life and she has been playing the cello since she was in grade school. She has been married to her husband for seventeen years and they have two children, Zoe and Zachary. Zoe has recently gotten involved in music and she plays the french horn in her school band and will be playing in her high school’s marching band as well. Both of her children enjoy horseback riding, so much of her free time is spent at horse shows or riding lessons. Morgan and her family live on a small farm with horses and chickens, where her other remaining free time is spent. 

Morgan has been a part of the LCSO for eleven years and what she enjoys most about being a member of this organization is how the orchestra feels like one family, which makes her look forward to going to rehearsals.