Melaney Miller

Melaney Miller has a varied musical background as a professional performer. She also works as a field service technician for Procter & Gamble. Melaney’s main instrument in the LCSO is percussion, but she also has been playing piano for forty years and has been a professional vocalist for twelve years. 

Melaney began her musical career playing piano and then learned to play the oboe until she started on percussion. She is currently a pianist/percussionist/vocalist with the 126th Army Band of the Michigan Army National Guard in Belmont, Michigan. She was in this band for almost 10 years starting at age 17, and then after a 19-year break, she went back, and is now staying on until retirement. She also sings Alto with South Bend Chamber Singers and serves on its board of directors. She is the music director at Unity of Michiana Spiritual Center in South Bend performs freelance work as a piano accompanist for choirs and instrumental/vocal soloists. In the past, she has performed with the Elkhart Municipal Band, the Michigan City Municipal Band, The La Porte City band, and the Elkhart Symphony Orchestra.

Melaney has a nineteen year old daughter who lives in California and when she is not performing, she is working as a field service technician for Procter & Gamble. In her free time, Melaney also likes to golf, travel, and salsa dance. Melaney has been playing percussion for the LCSO for twelve years and has enjoyed making music with all of the orchestra members.