Dr. Linda Backer Sirugo

Dr. Sirugo has been a member of the LCSO 2nd Violin Section for 32 years. She started her career with the LCSO as a Student Apprentice while attending La Porte High School. College, Medical School and a Residency took her away from the violin, and La Porte, for quite some time. However, she returned to La Porte and has been an anesthesiologist with La Porte Hospital since 1986. Dr. Sirugo considers the LCSO her second family and she can’t wait to get back to performing with her colleagues. She is married to Attorney, David Sirugo, and they are the parents of six ranging from 17 to 29. The musician gene carries on as all six were, and are, part of the LPHS Music Program. Linda is one of several musicians in our Orchestra who have 20 or more years of performances to her credit.

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