Jenn Mount

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Jenn Mount has a diverse background in music. She began playing the viola in sixth grade and continued to play it through college. She also played in the Indiana all-state orchestra during her sophomore and junior year in high school. Jenn quit playing viola after her schooling career but then picked it up again after thirty years and continues to play it. 

Aside from music, Jenn has been a high school math teacher for thirty-five years, with thirty-four of them being at LaPorte High School. When Jenn is not teaching or playing viola, she enjoys biking, hiking, kayaking, cross country skiing, and watching women’s basketball. 

Besides playing for the LCSO, Jenn has also played in the Messiah production in Michigan City for three years and she also plays for the Singing Company and Children’s Choir. Jenn has been a viola player in the LCSO for eight years and one of the things she enjoys about being a part of this ensemble is being able to make music with everyone in the orchestra.