Esther Wright

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Esther Wright has been playing viola in the LCSO for three years. Esther started playing piano at the age of five and then began playing violin at the age of seven. At ten years old, she switched over to viola and developed her love for music under her private teacher at the time, Mr. Nic. He was such an inspiration to Esther because he always pushed her to be her best, both musically and in life. She remembers that he taught her with compassion, always praising her when she did well.

Esther is also currently a part of a string quartet group called Stringhaven and plays viola with them. What Esther enjoys most about being a part of the LCSO is being able to produce marvelous music with other musicians who desire to share their love for music with people of different ages and backgrounds. Seeing the dedication and love of the LCSO family motivates her to continue blessing the community and surrounding areas with the gift of music that we all have to share.