Dr. Dave Ratajik

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In addition to playing all clarinets and saxophones with the La Porte County Symphony Orchestra for 6 years, Dr. Dave Ratajik also performs with the La Porte City Band, the St. Joseph Municipal Band, the Andrews University Symphony Orchestra and the Tom Milo Big Band.

Public education experience includes serving as an elementary school classroom teacher and school principal, special education coordinator, teacher recruiting program manager and school academic improvement consultant at the local, national and global levels. On active and reserve duty with the U.S. Army, Dave’s career includes numerous infantry and armor command and staff assignments. His deployments include Europe, the Pacific and Central America, and he retired as a full Colonel. Dave and his wife Susan, both natives of La Port, Indiana, are the proud parents of a son and daughter and…….. triplet grandchildren……. all living in the Seattle area. The Ratajiks recently celebrated their 55 th wedding anniversary and actively attend the First Church of God in St. Joseph, Michigan.