Cindy Ault

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Cindy Ault has a passion for education and thoroughly enjoys school and working with her students. Cindy comes from a musical background, where her mother played violin in the Lafayette Symphony. One of her grandfathers played violin and directed a small community orchestra for a time, her grandmother played piano and her twin played cello. Her grandfather on her father’s side had a beautiful voice and sang and directed the church choir. Her father was in the Purdue Glee Club and also played flute.

Cindy has been playing the bassoon in the LCSO for thirty-seven years. Her biggest influence was her bassoon instructor, Bob Horrick, and she has many fond memories of lessons with him. In addition to playing for the LCSO, Cindy also performs with the Michigan City Municipal Band, LaPorte City Band, Elkhart Symphony, South Shore Symphony, Northern Indiana Chamber Winds, and performed with the Whiting Park Orchestra for a short time. 

In education, Cindy is currently a middle school math teacher and teaches sixth grade. At her school, she has been the yearbook sponsor for seventeen years and the Student Council Sponsor for nineteen years. In addition, she was the Regional V National Adviser in 2015.

Cindy is married with four children, two of which are married, and all of her children played instruments. What Cindy enjoys most about being apart of the LCSO is the great friendships she has made and the enjoyment she has experienced from making music with everyone.