Christina Baumann

Christina Baumann is a flute/piccolo player who has an endless passion for music and teaching. Christina obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Western Michigan University and then pursued her Master’s Degree in Wind Conducting from the American Band College. She currently serves as the band director in New Buffalo and teaches sixth-twelfth grade band, as well as guitar, Music Appreciation, and Musical Theatre. She also conducts the pit band for her school’s yearly musical and is currently serving as Vice President of the Band and Orchestra Festival for District VI of the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association. 

In her free time, Christina enjoys spending time with her dogs and her husband, traveling and taking their dogs to the beach. Christina has been a member of the LCSO for three years and her favorite part about being involved in this organization is the healthy break it provides for her from teaching. Playing in the LCSO allows her to simply make music and helps reinvigorate her love for music, which she can then share with her students.