Becky Osborn

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Becky Osborn has enjoyed an extensive musical and entrepreneurial background, being a part of many personal projects and teaching opportunities over the years. Becky began her music career with obtaining a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Butler University and then continued her education at Valparaiso University, where she received her Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. She has enjoyed her career thus far of being a music educator and has taught at both the high school and collegiate level. Becky taught high school choral music for seventeen years and also taught music courses such as Music Methods and Music Appreciation at Purdue North Central for twenty-two years. 

When Becky is not teaching music and performing with the LCSO, she is running several small businesses which she started and developed herself. She currently owns a music teaching studio, where twenty-two instructors teach and nurture kids of all ages. Besides her music studio, Becky also owns her own fashion business called Rubato Fashion. She designs and sews garments and her artist friend and partner hand paints the garments once they are made. In addition to these businesses, she also makes toys and gifts for her Etsy Shop, HinkyDinkHandicrafted. 

Becky has been a keyboardist for the LCSO for ten years, as well as serving as director for Illumination, the vocal ensemble associated with the LCSO. One thing she appreciates about this ensemble is its ability to push her to practice and work at music in a way she hasn’t been able to do since college. Being able to learn and perform with this orchestra takes her out of her box and encourages her to grow and develop.