Support the La Porte Symphony Orchestra

When you get involved, you help us create the music, education and community programs that so profoundly impact the cultural life of our city.

Our Mission

We recognize that the arts and culture are an important component of the quality of life in a community and region. We know, too, that businesses that want to attract talented employees often choose a location based on local cultural opportunities. The La Porte County Symphony Orchestra (LCSO) has become a cultural gem, evolving from a small community orchestra into a highly visible semi-professional orchestra with a mission:

"Through excellence in live orchestra performance, the La Porte County Symphony Orchestra moves people to embrace new experiences, connect with culture, enrich our lives, and build our community towards a bright and musical future together."

Future Focus

The LCSO takes very seriously its pledge to build a future of great music for our region. To that end, for more than three decades the orchestra has hosted a nationally acclaimed Children’s Educational Concert, attended by several thousand students regionwide. We are currently planning several new initiatives to augment musical opportunities in our public schools to inform and enthuse young people about live music performance. In all our efforts we focus on the six pillars of our Vision—


  • Excellence
  • Diversity
  • Participation
  • Engagement
  • Education
  • Collaboration

Uniquely Local

The orchestra is of, by, and for the people of this area. Many musicians are residents of our region–physicians, lawyers, teachers and others who want to share their skills with a community orchestra. Professional musicians from the surrounding area also join to perform. The annual LCSO Hoosier STAR benefit provides competitive opportunities for youth and adult vocalists to perform with the orchestra, often launching professional careers. Children’s and adult choruses often perform with the orchestra as well.


Financial Reality

The cost to perform a well-done concert is $25,000 to $30,000, and ticket sales generate only about 25% of total costs. In the past, locally owned enterprises supported the LCSO by filling the gap, but many, unfortunately, have ceased to exist or have been acquired by out-of-the-area owners. Nonetheless, the LCSO has continued to balance its annual budget because:

  1.  We are lean; we keep overhead at a minimum.
  2.  We recognize that we must seek new donors.
  3.  We know we must be innovative.


The LCSO works with donors to assure that their preferences are honored and that they are recognized appropriately for their support. Current and multiple year gifts, as well as planned giving opportunities, can be tailored to meet donor preferences.