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Welcome Home, Gary Thor Wedow


Comcast has a known issue in the neighborhood of the Civic Auditorium. This issue caused interruptions during our trial run this morning. The Comcast service rep explained it as “noise caused by an electrical surge near the node that powers the Civic’s internet”. Unfortunately the “noise” went away and they were unable to trace it. As of 5pm today, 4/17/21, the internet strength is great at the Civic. However, there’s a chance this “noise” can reappear and we will lose our internet upload strength. 
We will be recording tonight’s concert in addition to the stream. If we happen to have an interruption we will have this concert uploaded, in 4k, for you to watch in ViewStub. You will sign in the same way you do for this stream and see it there for your viewing pleasure. 
We hope everything goes smoothly tonight, but thought it best to share this frustrating news with our viewers/supporters in advance. We thank you for your support and understanding of the wacky digital world!

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