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How Beautiful Orchestra Music Has Changed Through the Years

Much like art and culture, music reflects the times. It conveys emotions, struggles, political efforts, determination and more. Orchestral music is no different and has evolved interestingly and uniquely. Different eras of orchestral music convey different themes and use different instruments and approaches. To truly appreciate the beautiful symphony orchestras

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Women Composers’ Beautiful Impact On Orchestral Music

Women have been at the forefront of every major revolution, discovery and cultural change – including music! Female composers have profoundly impacted orchestral music.  Interestingly, women have created music for as long as it has existed, but they haven’t always been celebrated. Although women were active in all elements of

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Amazing Ways Black Composers Shape Orchestral Music

Music moves us all. It also breaks boundaries and blends traditions and cultures in ways that transcend single genres. This transcendence is especially clear and moving in orchestral music. Orchestral music has Eurocentric roots, meaning much of the music and sounds used come from white European countries and composers. However,

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The Beautiful Impact of Music on Young Minds

Listening to music moves you. It has profound impacts on your mood, thoughts and even your body. Think of how a high-energy song can help you through the last burst of a workout or a calm, classical tune can help you fall asleep. But the benefits of music aren’t limited

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