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The Beautiful Impact of Music on Young Minds

Listening to music moves you. It has profound impacts on your mood, thoughts and even your body. Think of how a high-energy song can help you through the last burst of a workout or a calm, classical tune can help you fall asleep. But the benefits of music aren’t limited

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Understanding the Art of Gesture

When it comes to leading an orchestra, there is more to it than just up-and-down movements. A conductor is responsible for three crucial aspects: timing, interpretive decisions, as well as administrative aspects of the ensemble. Conductors play a vital role and stand at the forefront of orchestras. People often wonder,

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Preview Spring 2024’s Unmissable Concerts from the Best Symphony

Music brings the soul to life. Fortunately for music lovers across the Region, the La Porte County Symphony Orchestra is bringing more fantastic, engaging music to the area in Spring 2024. With three featured concerts and several small events, you can enjoy the beautiful and moving sounds of nearly 60

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A Beautiful Orchestral Experience in Northwest Indiana

Music brings people together. And orchestral music is no different. Orchestral music relies on a large ensemble of various string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments to create beautiful, harmonious music. When people think of symphony orchestras, they often think of fancy concerts in big cities. But La Porte and Northwest

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Meet the Orchestra: Exploring the Beautiful Sounds of Each Instrument

Orchestras are known for their beautiful music and complex sounds. An orchestra’s rich, intricate sounds are achieved by 15 different instruments across four instrument types. At the La Porte County Symphony Orchestra, over 60 professional musicians and conductors bring these instruments to life. Learning about the different types of instruments

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