À la Carte 2020

We wish to thank our hosts for the 2020 A La Carte Season:

Mark & Sarah Irons
Bill Walker & Edgar Waenke
Susan Aaron
Nolah Gertner
Sally Fischer
Leigh & Marcia Morris
Friends of the LCSO

Hopefully, we will have information out about our fundraising parties by the month of June. Thank you for your patience!

A La Carte is a series of parties, usually held in people’s homes, that serve as fundraisers for the LCSO. This is a wonderful opportunity to, not only support the Orchestra, but to meet new friends, enjoy entertainment and experience great cuisine. These unique events will also give you the chance to visit some of the most beautiful properties and unique entities in and around La Porte County.

Thanks to the generosity of our hosts and hostesses, 100% of the money raised from these events will go directly to the LCSO!

The A La Carte Committee wishes to thank Katrina Langford, Michele Magnuson, Liz Kaminski and Katy Gartland for their role in generating party possibilities.

Our 2019 A La Carte Series raised over $18,000 for the LCSO!
Stay tuned as we begin to prepare for our 2020 parties!