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Your first time attending a symphony orchestra concert can be a magical experience, but also intimidating. We are here to help answer any questions you have and make your symphony experience unforgettable.


The La Porte County Symphony Orchestra (LCSO) is a professional orchestra comprised of 60 musicians, serving La Porte County and surrounding regions. Every season, the LCSO performs four subscription concerts, playing everything from symphonies to pop music. The LCSO also performs for the Hoosier Star vocal competition, Drayton Children’s Education concerts, and Holiday at the Pops concert. During the summer, the orchestra performs a free concert at the Friendship Botanical Gardens in Michigan City, Indiana. 

For more information, check out our “About Us” page here:  

The LCSO’s season subscription concerts happen around the same time each year. Our opening concert is in early November, the second concert in early February, our third in March, and a pops concert in April.  

Outside of our season subscription concerts, the Hoosier Star vocal competition occurs in September, the Holiday at the Pops is in December, and our free summer concert finishes the season in July. 

The LCSO performs at several different venues throughout La Porte County.  

Our primary venue is the Civic Auditorium in La Porte, IN. Our Hoosier Star, opening subscription concert, children’s concerts, Holiday at the Pops, and April pops concerts are held at the Civic Auditorium.  

Our February concert may be held in the La Porte High School’s new Performing Arts Center. 

In March, our classical concert is held at the Holdcraft Performing Arts Center in Michigan City, IN.  

Our free summer concert in July is held at the Friendship Botanical Gardens in Michigan City, IN. 

Many patrons may associate attending a Symphony concert with fancy, black tie attire. Although this is often how classical music concertgoers are portrayed in the movies and television, it is simply not the case in 21st century America. While you are welcome to dress in your fanciest duds if you feel so inclined, the LCSO encourages you to wear what makes you feel comfortable. While Holiday at the Pops concertgoers tend to dress a little more formally and festively, most audience members for LCSO concerts dress in what could be called “Business Casual” attire. Jeans are ok

If you have never been to a classical concert before, it can be difficult to know when a piece is over or when it is appropriate to applaud the orchestra. Some pieces are short and have one part, while some are longer and have multiple sections with pauses in between movements. Here are some general guidelines to follow if you are unsure when to applaud: 

  1. Watch the conductor. Usually at the end of a piece, the conductor will lower both hands and/or step off the podium. 
  2. If there are multiple movements, the conductor may tell the audience to hold applause until the last movement is over or say it is okay to clap between movements. It is more acceptable to clap between movements now than it was years ago, but some conductors would still like to hold applause until the end. 
  3. If you are still doubtful, wait for other people in the audience to start clapping! 
  4. Bonus! If you are attending a pops concert or Hoosier Star, it is more acceptable to cheer and react whenever you feel so moved! 

Tickets are available before each concert online, over the phone, or at the door.  

To order your tickets online, click on the “Buy Tickets” button on our homepage or pick which concert you are interested in from the season drop-down menu. On the concert page, you will find information about the concert including a ticket ordering box. Follow the instructions to complete your order and receive your tickets by e-mail.  

If you would prefer, you may call the symphony office at 219-362-9020 and a staff member will assist you with your purchase. Please have your card ready and an e-mail to receive your tickets. 

Forgot to order your tickets in advance? You may still purchase tickets at the door before the concert begins! Please plan to arrive early to get a good seat and give yourself time to purchase your tickets. Hoosier Star and pops concerts may have less availability at the door so arrive early to ensure there are still seats available. 

Students of any age may attend our subscription concerts for free! To reserve a student ticket online, have the student reach out to their music teacher/director or e-mail our Education Manager at for instructions. You may also gain admission at the door with a student ID. 

When purchasing tickets for a concert at the Civic Auditorium, you can purchase table seats or general admission tickets. Table seating at the Civic is on the floor of the auditorium. Tables can have up to 10 seats and seating is reserved. At each concert, there will be the opportunity to order wine for the table, bottles of water, and/or special treats. Since these seats are on the floor, your view of the orchestra may be limited. 

General admission seats are in the upstairs balcony of the Civic. These seats are first come, first served in stadium-style chairs. These seats were updated in 2023 and are now wider, cushioned, and have cup holders. Because these seats are on the second level, you will have a better view of the full orchestra but may be seated farther away from the stage. There is an elevator for those unable to take the stairs. 

Subscriptions are your chance to purchase tickets to all our season subscription concerts at a discounted price. Subscriptions are available for tables of 10, individual table seats, adult balcony/general admission, and senior balcony/general admission. This is a great way to reserve your tickets for the whole season! 

Subscriptions are available mid-spring and are available until the first subscription concert in November. 

If you would like to support the orchestra further, we have several ways to donate.  

To make a general donation, you may fill out the form here or mail a check to our P.O. box (address below). Please see our “Make a Gift” page to see our sponsorship levels.  

You may join the LCSO’s Encore Society by designating the symphony as a beneficiary in your will or living trust, retirement plan or insurance policy, or establish a charitable gift annuity or other gift that will benefit the LCSO. Visit the “Encore Society” page for more information and download the form to sign up.  

Become a friend! Friends of the Symphony is the LCSO’s volunteer organization. In addition to volunteering, there are several events for Friends throughout the season. Visit the “Become a Friend” page to learn more and sign up.