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A Beautiful Orchestral Experience in Northwest Indiana

Music brings people together. And orchestral music is no different. Orchestral music relies on a large ensemble of various string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments to create beautiful, harmonious music. When people think of symphony orchestras, they often think of fancy concerts in big cities. But La Porte and Northwest Indiana are home to some of the most talented musical groups around! One of the area’s gems is the La Porte County Symphony Orchestra. 

The LCSO is a beautiful representation of the vibrant arts landscape in Northwest Indiana. The orchestra serves over 110,000 La Porte County, northern Indiana and southwest Michigan residents. With 51 seasons of proven excellence, the LCSO has grown from a small community orchestra into a dynamic, professional orchestra. Over 60 musicians help deliver beautiful, inspiring music to audiences across the Region. Fortunately for music lovers, there are countless ways to interact with – and support – the LCSO. Learn more about our annual events and programs below.

5 Orchestra Programs You Don’t Want to Miss

Drayton Family Children’s Educational Concert

For over 35 years, the LCSO has created, hosted and performed the Drayton Family Children’s Educational Concert program. This program is designed for older elementary-aged students and adults with intellectual disabilities. In addition to providing lively, engaging music, the program features educational components. LCSO provides education materials for music educators that correspond with the concert program, so educators can incorporate lessons into their classroom. The workbook includes lessons on instruments, music, emotions and more. With over 5,000 attendees each year, it is one of the area’s most significant musical events.

Holiday at the Pops

For nearly 30 years, the LCSO has brought the holidays to La Porte with the Holiday at the Pops concert. This annual event is hosted at the Civic Auditorium and features beautiful holiday music and singing. The traditional chocolate-dipped pretzels and delicious beverages, brews and wines are available for patrons to enjoy as they listen to the sounds of the season. Proceeds from this event benefit the LCSO’s New Generations music education initiative, delivering high quality music education programs to students throughout the region.

Hoosier Star

Hoosier Star is a local singing competition that raises funds for the LCSO. This beautiful and energizing event attracts local singers from southern Michigan and northern Indiana. They compete to become the Hoosier Star, and finalists often accompany the Orchestra for other local performances. This beautiful outing brings people together from across multiple states, and it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate your team, family or friends with a table that benefits LCSO.

Student Apprenticeship Program

The LCSO understands the importance and impact of music on our local youth. Each season, we take on several student apprentices to be guided and coached by our talented orchestra members. These students represent the best of their high school bands and orchestras, and they bring fresh perspectives and talents to our group. By fostering their love for and talent in performance, we ensure the next generation of musicians is nurtured to thrive! Although this program is only open to area high school students, you can see our apprentices perform with the Orchestra at all our concerts and events.

Local Concerts

The LCSO has performed countless concerts across northern Indiana. Our concerts range from private events for residents at local assisted living centers to large fundraisers for the Symphony. Some of our favorite venues are the Michigan City Friendship Botanic Gardens, La Porte’s Bistro on the Greens and the Civic Auditorium! Our concerts showcase a wide range of compositions from around the world and feature internationally recognized musicians, composers and principals. 

How We Give Back to the Communities We Love

Our musicians, performers and composers hail from across the globe. But they all call La Porte their musical home. The LCSO is honored to provide beautiful music and interactive programming to the people and organizations of La Porte County and beyond. You can support the LCSO and ensure we can continue entertaining and educating our communities by donating.