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Celebrating LCSO's 51ST Season

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Thanks to all who attended the LCSO’s final subscription concert with The Texas Tenors and the Purdue Varsity Glee Club!

Special thanks to photographer, Bob Wellinski.

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Our Music Director

Australian conductor Carolyn Watson has been based in the United States since 2013 during which time she has led performances with the Austin Symphony, Catskill Symphony, Detroit Symphony Civic Orchestra, Kansas City Ballet, Kansas City Chamber Orchestra and World Youth Symphony Orchestra. Recruited internationally as Music Director of the Interlochen Arts Academy Orchestra, she won the 2015 American Prize for Orchestral Performance with this ensemble, also collaborating with soloists including Mark O’Connor and Alexandre Tharaud during her tenure. Carolyn continues to enjoy an ongoing association with Interlochen as conducting faculty at Interlochen Arts Camp and for Interlochen Online.